Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pamana Natin, Pag-Asa Natin

Chaco Molina
Executive Director
Fundacion Santiago – Philippines

Fundacion Santiago is a private service-provider development organization established on September 29, 1993 and was officially registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 14, 1993.

Fundacion Santiago envisions a compleat filipino, a person who, by knowing oneself, can care for oneself and one’s others.

It has a two-fold mission:
■ to contribute to a strong grasp of the national identity by promoting and sustaining historical awareness; and
■ to contribute to true, sustainable and equitable national development through the promotion of entrepreneurship and commitment to community. These took shape in its two institutional programs--- “PAMANA” (Heritage) and “PAGASA” (Hope).

In order to advance this paradigms, Fundacion Santiago sought a strategic partnership with PhilDRRA (Philippine Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Areas), a nationwide network of rural development non-government organizations, and Island Caravan, a tour operator.

At present, Fundacion Santiago concentrates on communities located in Southern Tagalog.

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