The following are members of the ICOMOS Philippine National Committee and their memberships in the International Scientific Committees:

  • VILLALON, Augusto F. (Former President, ICOMOS Philippines; Awarded ICOMOS Honorary Member in 2014; former Committee Vice President of Vernacular Architecture and Cultural Tourism, founding member of 20th Century Heritage)
  • GALICIA, Dominic Q. (President, ICOMOS Philippines; 20th Century Heritage)
  • AGUILAR, Christian Michael
  • AVENDANO, Clarissa (Heritage Documentation)
  • BALAGAT, Jeremy Jade
  • BULAONG, Carmen Bettina
  • CALIZO, Antonio Andre
  • CAPATI, Bojer
  • CORREA, Katherine Anne
  • ENGELHARDT, Richard
  • GARILAO, Kara
  • GARRIDO, Emilio
  • GO, Marbee
  • HENARES, Ivan Anthony S. (Committee Vice President, Cultural Tourism)
  • ISBERTO, Lucille Karen M. (Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues)
  • JAVA, Melva
  • MANAHAN, Liliane R. (Cultural Tourism)
  • MANALO, Michael F. (Vernacular Architecture)
  • MANANGHAYA, Ma. Joycelyn B. (VP International Affairs, ICOMOS Philippines; Cultural Landscapes)
  • MAN DY, Ivan Homer (Cultural Tourism)
  • ONOZAWA, Maria Lourdes Joy M. (Vernacular Architecture)
  • + MATA, Rene Luis (VP National Affairs, ICOMOS Philippines; Vernacular Architecture)
  • MONTERO, Claudia
  • NACARIO, Nady (Heritage Documentation)
  • ONG, Susan A. (Cultural Landscape)
  • ONOZAWA, Koh Anthony
  • PATAWARAN, Melvin (Vernacular Architecture)
  • SANTIAGO, Patricia Maria C. (Secretary, ICOMOS Philippines)
  • SENO, Sylvester Shaun David
  • VENIDA, Victor S. (Treasurer, ICOMOS Philippines)
  • VITUG, Marianne Claire

ICOMOS has established scientific international committees on various cultural heritage themes and issues. Members consist of international renowned expert specialists in each subject and designated by their own national committee. The following are Voting Members representing the Philippine National Committee in the respective scientific international committees:

  • Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage (ISCARSAH) -
  • Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) -
  • Cultural Landscapes (ISCCL/IFLA) - MA. JOYCELYN MANANGHAYA
  • Cultural Routes (CIIC) -
  • Cultural Tourism (ICTC) - IVAN ANTHONY HENARES
  • Earthen Architectural Heritage (ISCEAH) -
  • Economics of Conservation (ISEC) -
  • Energy and Sustainability (ISCES) -
  • Fortifications and Military Heritage (IcoFort) -
  • Heritage Documentation (CIPA) -
  • Historic Towns and Villages (CIVVIH) -
  • Interpretation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage Sites (ICIP) -
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICICH) -
  • Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues (ICLAFI) - LUCILLE KAREN ISBERTO
  • Mural (Wall) Painting - LILIANE REJANTE-MANAHAN
  • Polar Heritage (IPHC) -
  • Risk Preparedness (ICORP) - 
  • Shared Built Heritage (ISCSBH) - MARIA LOURDES MARTINEZ
  • Stained Glass (ISCV) -
  • Stone (ISCS) -
  • Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration (Theophilos) -
  • Training (CIF) -
  • Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH) -
  • Vernacular Architecture (CIAV) - AUGUSTO F. VILLALON
  • Wood (IWC) -
  • 20th Century Heritage (ISC20C) - DOMINIC GALICIA


Membership in ICOMOS Philippines shall follow the criteria set forth in the ICOMOS National Committee Membership document that is at the ICOMOS website.

In the spirit of the said criteria, the National Committee of ICOMOS in the Philippines shall be made up of individual and institutional members, including sustaining and honorary members. 

All the members shall be qualified in the field of conservation, practicing the profession of architect, archaeologist, town planner, engineer, administrator of heritage, art historian or archivist. Individual membership may be granted in exceptional cases to other individuals interested in supporting the aims and objectives of ICOMOS. 


Individual Membership 
Any individual actively engaged in the conservation of monuments, groups of buildings or sites:
1. They may be a member of the scientific, technical or administrative staff of a national, regional or local monuments, fine arts or antiquities service.
2. They may be a decision-maker or as specialist engaged in the conservation, restoration, rehabilitation and enhancement of monuments, groups of buildings and sites.
3. They may be architects, town planners, historians, archaeologists, ethnologists or archivists, and in certain cases other individuals interested in supporting the aims and objective of ICOMOS.

Institutional Membership 
Any institution concerned with the conservation, protection, restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement or animation of historic monuments, groups of buildings and sites, including those which own or are responsible for historic monuments, groups of buildings and sites, and those which devote all or a part of their efforts to such activities. 

Sustaining Member
Any individual or institution which would like to support the aims and activities of ICOMOS or which would like to contribute to international co-operation in the field of conservation of the cultural heritage.

Honorary Member 
Conferred solely by the ICOMOS General Assembly in response to a proposal from an ICOMOS National Committee, upon individuals who have rendered outstanding services in the field


All ICOMOS Philippines National Committee members have the right to attend and to participate in the ICOMOS General Assembly which is held every three years. Sustaining Members and Honorary Members have the right to participate to the ICOMOS General Assembly, without the right to vote. 

Membership Benefits 
- participation in an international professional network (expert meetings, professional workshops, scientific exchange, training programmes)
- possibility of participating to the triennial ICOMOS General Assembly
- possibility of participating to National and International Scientific activities
- access to information on national conferences and seminars
- free subscription to ICOMOS newsletter
- discounts on selected publications
- free or reduced admission to many heritage sites and museums world-wide
- priority access to the services of the International Secretariat and to the UNESCO-ICOMOS Documentation Centre

The principles and the obligations that the individual members of ICOMOS Philippines must respect are stated in the ICOMOS Ethical Commitment Statement. 


1. Individuals or institutions who may be interested in joining ICOMOS Philippines can send a letter of interest addressed to the Board of Trustees, ICOMOS Philippines ( along with their curriculum vitae and filled out ICOMOS application form. 

2. The Secretariat will inform applicants by e-mail as soon as the Board of Trustees has approved applications.

3. Deposit Annual Membership Fee of Php3,500.00 to any BPI branch. Bank details shall be given as soon as application has been approved.