Monday, October 13, 2008

ICOMOS Philippines participation at the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly

The 16th General Assembly of ICOMOS took place in Québec City from September 28 to October 4, 2008, a triennial event attended by members of ICOMOS National Committees throughout the world. The Philippines was represented by Augusto Villalón, President of ICOMOS National Committee Philippines and Expert Member of the International Scientific Committee for Vernacular Architecture (CIAV). The second delegation member was Ivan Anthony Henares who was the Philippine representative to the International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage, an Expert Member of the International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC), and a voting delegate to the General Assembly.

Villalon represented ICOMOS Philippines at the Advisory Committee Meeting on September 28 that was attended by all National Committee Presidents. Issues discussed were the strengthening of National Committees and revitalization of dormant ones, formation of new National Committees. Also the relationship of ICOMOS to the World Heritage Committee as its primary cultural heritage advisory body was discussed.

At the September 29 Annual Meeting of the International Scientific Committee on Vernacular Architecture (CIAV) Augusto Villalón was elected Vice-President. CIAV members thanked the Philippine Committee for organizing the 2007 Annual CIAV Meeting in Banaue, Ifugao Province, and further pledged their support for conservation activities in the rice terraces undertaken by both the Government of Ifugao and Save the Terraces Movement (SITMo).

During the General Assembly held on September 30, Villalón was elected Chairman of the Candidature Committee charged with verifying documentation for each candidate standing for election to office during the 2008-2011 triennium. Resolutions were read and passed during the General assembly, notably Resolution No. 14 proposed by Ivan Anthony Henares (Philippines), and Cliff Ogleby (Australia) on the institutionalization of youth participation is all future ICOMOS activities.

During the Forum on October 2-3, Villalón presented a well-received paper “Is Spirit of Place Enough?” which was a case study and status report on the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras, currently on the World Heritage In Danger List.

The Québec City Declaration on the Preservation of the Spirit of Place was adopted by the Assembly on 04 October.

Resolution No. 14 - Institutionalization of Youth Participation
Proponents: Cliff Ocleby (ICOMOS Australia) & Ivan Anthony S. Henares (ICOMOS Philippines)

Considering :
- the necessity of encouraging and supporting the involvement of young researchers and professionals in the field of heritage in ICOMOS
- the success of the First International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage held in Quebec, Canada from September 27 to 28, 2008

The 16th General Assembly of ICOMOS, meeting in Quebec, Canada, in October 2008, resolves that .
- ICOMOS and its committees must pursue efforts to welcome and encourage the involvement of a greater number of young researchers and professionals;
- ICOMOS will continue the initiative of organizing the International Forum of Young Researchers and Professionals in Cultural Heritage;
- The involvement of young researchers and professionals should be integrated in the issues, goals and actions discussed by the Executive Committee, the Consultative Committee and the General Assembly;
- The international scientific committees will inform young professionals, especially participants of the Forum, of their activities via the ICOMOS Secretariat;
- The national committees will take the necessary proactive measures to welcome and involve a greater number of young researchers and professionals, and assure them a sufficient representation.

Free lecture series on family heritage conservation

Victoria Gill has a degree in both Fine Arts and a Science degree in Art Conservation. Gill is the director of Endangered Heritage. Her company consults to major cultural institutions on preservation, conservation and collection development and management. She has lectured at tertiary level on display and preservation issues. Victoria has worked developing collection plans for commercial, public and private collectors. Most families have items of family significance items which have sentimental and often monetary worth. For custodians of these items the care of these things can be daunting and worrisome. There is a dearth of incorrect information and wives tales about preserving family heritage. This series of talks is designed to help people to know how to care for their personal items, themselves, properly.

Each talk has a focus area. While the talks are free, should you wish to bring a personal item for group discussion and specific advice there will be a charge of P500 per item. Please arrange agreement for items and book attendance. All talks will be at 10:30 a.m.

What is movable heritage conservation? (November 5 & December 17, 2008)
What is conservation and how is it done. What are the skills who are the specialists and what items need who. This talk will focus on the ethics and code of conduct for professional conservators. And help answer the questions about why some items are treated and some items are NOT.

Passing the baton... family reunions and family heritage (December 3, 2008 & January 21, 2009)
This Christmas use the chance to get the family to share its history with the next generation. This discussion will focus on oral stories and recording them, including getting the facts for the next generation. We will briefly discuss supporting evidence like photos and items, to get the story from the fading memories of our elders and make them real for our youth. Stories have multiple endings how do we record them with integrity but without judgment?

Got the photo! Now what? (January 7 & February 18, 2009)
A brief discussion on photos negative slides, albums and digital storage. Family histories are often interwoven and dependent on photos. The care and display of images and the documentation of images and the stories they tell will leave participants with renewed meaning and help for sorting out their own family albums.

Wedding dresses, christening gowns and precious family textiles (February 4 & March 18, 2009)
This presentation will cover preventative care of textiles items. We will cover flat items flags, banners, clothing and three dimensional textiles including hats, shoes, soft toys and dolls.

Please book for any of the presentations to Location at the Studio 39, Ponce Street, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City.